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Hong Kong is generally considered a safe city, with low crime rates and a strong police system that ensures the safety of citizens and visitors.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant city, where the energy of its 7.4 million inhabitants is felt in every corner. Despite being one of the most densely populated cities in the world, it is known for its efficiency, cleanliness, and high quality of life.


Hong Kong has modern and well-organized transportation system with various ticket and pass options available for visitors, making it more convenient and economical to explore the city.


Hong Kong has a subtropical climate, with hot and humid summers and mild and dry winters. The rainy season in Hong Kong typically occurs from May to September, peaking in August. The driest months are usually from November to January.

Hong Kong is the cosmopolitan heart of Asia

Hong Kong is a vibrant and exciting city that blends Chinese traditions and Western influences in a cosmopolitan setting. For over 150 years, the city was a British colony, and its history as an important commercial port dates back centuries. Nowadays, Hong Kong is a modern metropolis and a global financial center, but it still maintains its own culture and identity, with a wide variety of tourist attractions to discover.


What to visit in Hong Kong?


  • Victoria Peak: It is the highest point on Hong Kong Island, with spectacular views of the city and harbor. The best way to reach the top is via the Peak Tram, a funicular that offers a unique experience.


  • The Big Buddha: located on Lantau Island, the Big Buddha is a bronze statue standing 34 meters tall and is one of the largest Buddha statues in the world.


  • Hong Kong Disneyland: is the most popular theme park in Hong Kong, with attractions for all ages. From thrilling rides to Disney character encounters, the park has something for the whole family.


  • Star Ferry: it is one of the symbols of Hong Kong, offering a panoramic view of the harbor and the city. The ferry service is an affordable and fun way to explore Hong Kong.


  • Wong Tai Sin Temple: It is one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong and is dedicated to the God of Medicine. It is a place where many locals go to make their prayers and seek blessings.


  • Ladies' Market: it's a popular market in Mong Kok, where you can find everything from clothing to electronic gadgets. It's a great place for shopping and practicing your bargaining skills.


  • Tin Hau Temple: is a temple dedicated to the goddess of the sea, located in Causeway Bay, in the heart of the city. The temple is one of the oldest attractions in Hong Kong and is a great place to learn about local culture and history.


  • Stanley: a picturesque coastal town with a lively market and a tranquil beach.


  • Temple Street Night Market: a lively market where you can find everything from souvenirs to street food.


In summary, Hong Kong is truly a unique city with a rich history and fascinating culture. With its impressive tourist attractions and modernity, Hong Kong is a destination that should be on any traveler's list. Be sure to visit the places we mentioned and discover even more of the wonders of this incredible city.


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